The facilities


  • Photovoltaic and/or wind  system for power generation, 

  • Solar/wind pump and water purification system,

  • Black water/Sewage treatment installation,

  • Biomass digesters for waste treatment,

  • Rainwater catchment,

  • Solar water heater,

  • Stand alone outdoor lighting,

  • Natural soil consolidation by NCT to prevent fires and mud floods,

  • Any other new technology that efficiently responds to geographical and climate conditions.

Perfectly mated to the environment of exuberant nature, the architecture of the complex meets the best conditions for green tropical buildings design, including cross ventilation and natural lighting spaces design, extended shade roofs, use of natural and local materials and the addition of alternative technologies for power generation, water and waste treatment and any other ones that contributes to a better “off the grid” comfortable life

In our villages, already existing technologies are simply being applied into an integrated community design, providing clean energy, water and food right to your doorstep, adding not only environmental and financial value, but also social value, reconnecting people with nature and consumption with production.


Represents the land parcels available for those looking for the option of designing their own homes. We will also be offering multiple options of model homes. All home-sites will have full underground infrastructure (electricity, water, fiber optic internet etc.) Residents will enjoy the full use of the Community & Retreat Center and Wellness Resort.

Private Residence Zone
Will consist of villas of varying sizes designed by renowned architects. Residents will enjoy full use of the community center, wellness resort, and will be provided complete resort services.

Residential Co-living & Co-working Community Center
Will be the anchor of the community. A value added for residents, allowing them to enjoy the benefits of a resort-like community centerpiece with luxury amenities and best offices & meeting-room services. 

Co-Working shared work-space and multiple areas such as a fully equipped workplace that includes the latest technologies to be freely connect 24/7 with the world,

The Eco-Resort & Retreat Center

The Resort consists of private rooms with spacious verandas perfect for relaxing after a productive day with multipurpose rooms and incredible and unique lounges for social events, holistic-gym, salt swimming pool, spa and a wide network of trails in the forest to reach the places of bonfires, gazebos and lookout points. The pristine nature, subtropical climate, dedicated staff, and the healing energy of the WeBeLive community create the ideal environment for your retreat, workshop, or training to become an unforgettable and deeply nurturing experience.

The Temple of Healing Space 

ANCIENT RITUALS, the WISDOM that comes from the PAST. The NATURAL meaning of HOLISTIC WELLNESS, an exclusive natural spa with specially designed treatments that pamper your body and soul with organic products and authentic purification therapies.

We recover the teachings of our ancestors to heal in an integral way. Through sacred ceremonies, we reconnect with the native world vision that understands the body and spirit as a whole.  In the hands of the alchemists, beauty takes on a bodily shape. This is a space that reinterprets beauty, a shelter where physical materiality is enhanced with products and treatments of the highest quality.

A wellness retreat and longevity center as well as an onsite organic farm. Body and Soul. Everything that has a Soul is alive.We will empower the spiritual journey of every person, providing spiritual tools such as meditation, contemplation, and ancient writings for people to exercise what feels right for them in a frame of respect for one another.













Beach Club
Amenities will include a fine dining Vegan Bar & Restó, salt-water pool, children’s play area, and mini-spa with showers, lockers and lounging deck as well as an activities center with sports Eco-friendly equipment such as canoes and water wood-skis. 


Securing green and inexpensive power, we also lay the ground for the future power grid independent housing communities.

Place is not simply a destination.                                                            

Place is defined by the meaning we ascribe to it.