"For millennia men proved that they could live in a sustainable way.

They lived in harmony with nature. People used earth as a raw material with sensitivity. The 21st century should find again the harmonious link between man, nature and spirit".

The WeBeLive Resort by G2G TOSCO CONSTRUCTION SYSTEM , is built under eco-sustainable construction  system. 

Solidity, durability, simplicity, fast execution and affordability  into a good environment integration.

  • The structural system based on frames, profiles and tubes arrives to the site ready to be assembled and fixed with screws and nuts. No special equipment or tools are required for its assembly.

  • The structure has been designed to withstand seismic movements of up to 8 on the Richter scale and winds of up to 160 km / h.

  • Depending on the soil characteristics, the foundations are executed with appropriate anchoring bases over leveled ground and consolidated with NCT, respectful with the environment.

  • A double metal mesh closes the walls and ensures the system stability. It is also the formwork to be filled with the mix of local earth + NCT creating a “super adobe” that heighten it natural qualities of acoustic, thermal and waterproof isolation in addition to resistance and durability.

  • The flat roof built with structural metal sheet will be filled  with earth + NCT mix ensuring perfect thermal insulation and waterproof. It also allows the construction of an accessible roof or the construction of up to four levels.

  • According to climate conditions, different alternatives of sloped roofs made by insulating sandwich panels are adapted to the buildings architecture.

  • SMART HOUSES  The resources of the community would be distributes in a prorated basis. Houses will run all of their electrical appliances low voltage USB-C connectors so that data can be gather from the appliances in an integrated smart network that will manage the community’s electrical consumption. Check this link: https://www.infobae.com/america/eeuu/2019/01/29/cientificos-del-mit-convirtieron-la-senal-de-wifi-en-electricidad/

  • We see the future of our world as the natural consequence and manifestation of what is on our minds today. A model that will show the world that we have sufficient technology to live a life of richness without having to deplete our planet. From our self-powered and food regenerating housing system.

  • AMAZING VILLAGE has a holistic approach that combines a variety of innovative technologies, such as energy positive homes, renewable energy, energy storage, door-step high-yield organic food production, vertical farming aquaponics/aeroponics, water management, and waste-to resource systems. 

  • With the integration of different technologies, we holds the potential to change some of the challenges of scarcity of resources, the growing global food crisis, as well as reducing the global CO2 emission.  Thanks to Blockchain technology and the issuance of the Crypto Coins, all aspects of everyday living will be managed by smart contracts issuing micro-payments, hence producing a cash free seamless environment. 

  • MTI - AFFORDABLE & SUSTAINABLE ECO-HOUSING for mining - Autonomous units (off the grid) for the installation of mining farms for Bitcoin (or different cryptocurrencies).


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